At Roccafiore the quality of the environment is considered to be a production factor similar to many others: soil, climate, grape variety and agricultural practices. Roccafiore was, in fact, one of the first wineries in Italy to adopt solar panelling, with a 3,000 square metre installation whose
191 kilowatts not only provide for the estate’s energy needs but also saves on emissions of approximately 90,000 kg of CO2 per year.
Sensitivity in the conservation of the land and its biodiversity also takes concrete form in the other choices geared towards total respect for the environment, such as the use of lighter bottles, the adoption of biofuels for the agricultural vehicles and the recovery of the used grape pomace,
which is used as a fertilizer and soil conditioner in the vineyards. In addition to this, there is the introduction of a rainwater recovery system within the property, which permits the reduction of water consumption through a reservoir.

All of these elements are perfectly integrated in a system in which ecologically sustainable
viticulture has been adopted as the estate’s mission. For Roccafiore, the result of producing
natural wines today represents not only a competitive advantage but also a philosophy of
production in tune with the land from which everything originates.
The wines are strictly obtained from indigenous varieties and produced with a natural and sustainable approach. The Roccafiore wines are certificate “Green Heart Quality”. The mark of Umbria Region based on the intention to validate the Umbrian excellence that work with respect to specific obbligations, which include sustainable development and the fight against climate change, such as the reduction of the water consumption (water fooprint) and the CO2 emission (carbon footprint) through the use of renewable sources.