Roccafiore is a real "natural reserve" amidst green hills of Todi where different crops are interspersed. The property includes ninenty ectars of vineyards, olive groves, arable land, vegetables, grains, orchards (hazelnut, cherry, orange, lemon, peach, apple and pomegranate trees) and the Botanical Garden with many medical and aromatic plants. Furthermore, the estate includes a little farm of Cinta Senese pigs based on the biological and sustainable criteria in order to preserve the wealth of our area.

The Company has been working on an important project of landscape remodeling focused on the biodiversity respect since 2016. The reforestation project allows the reduction and compensation of CO2 emissions produced; Suffice it to say that a tree absorbs about 10kg of CO2 every year, thus enabling the disposal of large quantities of carbon dioxide.
The “green” soul of Roccafiore occurs in a natural approach in order to produce more and more in harmony with the environment. The intention is to make the younger generation aware of a territory still full of natural and human resources.