When the passion for the territory of Todi
inspired the art to make wine

Our history

People, as lands, have a vocation. That’s how Leonardo and his son Luca had the intuition: giving shape to an idea and to a passion. The bond that Leonardo has with these marvellous hills of Todi goes back in time, but it got stronger when he decided to plant the first vine. That was the first moment of what became the love of a life. Only after the meeting with the talented oenologist Hartmann Donà Leonardo came with the firm idea of an important wine-growing and wine-producing project.

New vineyards of native grapes such as Grechetto di Todi, Trebbiano Spoletino, Sangiovese, Sagrantino and others, natural and sustainable farming, micro-terracing on the sweet outline of the hills where the vineyards are placed. And then the winery. A modern building equipped with the best technology for the wine-making process and quality control. From then the mission of Roccafiore was the pursuit of excellence.

The Roccafiore company is made up of people and it is a microcosm in which the awareness that man is at the heart of everything endures. Wines are aware that they depend on the people who make them. This is why they end up having the character of their makers, who have the patience to see them age and who have toiled for a specific purpose.

Technology and innovation are integrated but passion is the leading cause. Leonardo and his son Luca are fully aware of this and, in the name of a tradition that has survived for years, they put their hearts into the process. Their wine is the liquid witness of their commitment. These are the values and the philosophy of a young and ambitious company. Leonardo and Luca want the people who drink their wine to perceive the determined character of the people who made it.