A journey
into the ideal enology


The landscape is the wonderful background scenario of Roccafiore. The quest for excellence starts from the love for the landscape, the care for the land, the respect for the centuries-old ecological balance of the Todi area. At Roccafiore sun, rain and wind are in perfect balance. Here the present and the past are interconnected, the ancient bond with traditions meets the technological innovation.

This is why Roccafiore wines are not just wines. They are something more: a synergy of soil, microclimate and vines, a vital interpretation of the country and a rediscovery of traditional practices. Roccafiore wines show that taste and quality are the result of a patient dialogue between heart and mind.

Among the green vineyards and woods, Roccafiore Winery is a journey into the ideal enology, environmentally friendly with cement, steel and glass. The technological heart of the estate beats with passion and precision, perfectly lit framed by the stunning green of the hills of Todi.

Its architecture harmoniously fits the hills, everything follows the pace of the nature in order to gently transform its precious fruits into fine wines. The building is pure design, modern in the shapes, yet perfectly integrated in the landscape.

The modern building is conceived as a converted industrial space. From the ground a multifunction space used for cultural events and art exhibitions rises. The production premises are underground, observing the oenological traditions. In this way it is possible to guarantee the efficiency in the wine-making process. The harvest is made with small cases immediately taken to the winery and only the best bunches reach the pressing. The result of the pressing falls directly into the tanks, we use gravity to move musts and skins from the upper floor to the lower floor. This choice is taken in order to follow the philosophy of a natural approach without stressing the products.


Dedicated premises, constantly monitored temperature and humidity, large oak barrels and barriques, modern bottling machine, continously supervised equipment. This is what guarantees healthy wines in every single bottle. And then comes the ageing, with the calm flow of time and the cares of Cristian, the wine-maker.