Terroir of Todi.
Unexplored vocation and uniqueness

The territory

Todi is located in Umbria, the Green Earth of Italy, 140 km North of Rome, in a hilly, unique and uncontaminated landscape. A farm scenario of long history and great charm. The territory of Todi is in a big part covered in woods that define its sweet hills. Sunflowers alternate with vineyards, olive trees with crops and with buildings in stone testifying the long farming tradition of these lands.

Among this quiet landscape, hills and green valleys which make this land unique and rich in art and history, rises the Roccafiore Winery. Grape-growing practices is adherent to a natural and environmentally sustainable farming and in all the fifteen hectares (37 acres US measure). The whole vineyard is one sole body situated in the territory of Todi, a land unique for its peculiar microclimate and its exceptionally fertile grounds.