The landscape is the wonderful background scenario of Roccafiore. The quest for excellence starts from the love for the landscape, the care for the land, the respect for the centuries-old ecological balance of the Todi area. At Roccafiore sun, rain and wind are in perfect balance. Here the present and the past are interconnected, the ancient bond with traditions meets the technological innovation.

This is why Roccafiore wines are not just wines. They are something more: a synergy of soil, microclimate and vines, a vital interpretation of the country and a rediscovery of traditional practices. Roccafiore wines show that taste and quality are the result of a patient dialogue between heart and mind.

The oenological choices include a continuous supervision on the natural evolution of the product, from fermentation to bottling. The use of advanced technologies allows the monitoring of the whole production system, with the aim of improving the quality of Roccafiore wines year after year.

The Roccafiore Winery is a winemaking company situated in the Todi area, in Umbria, and it was launched in the year 2000 in the context of an innovative business idea which included a countryside Resort with an attached wellness centre and restaurant. Besides the tourism plans, there is also the Farm with its 90 hectares entirely dedicated to growing natural and sustainable crops. Wine production is included in this context with the added value of environmentally sustainable (“Green Heart Quality” certification).

Prestigious wines are produced with the advice of winemaker Hartmann Donà who, following the oenological traditions of Umbria, decided to cultivate native wine varieties.